The Weekend

This past weekend we just took it easy. We seem to need that at the end of our busy week. Plus the boys just love to spend as much time with dad.
So it went like this:
I went tag saling, alone.
We all went to the playground.
We got lunch and makings for dinner at the market.
We napped.
Eric cooked his yummy Saturday night steak and potatoes dinner, with a salad from the garden. The boys have loved picking the vegetables. They argue over who is going to wash and spin the lettuce. Sad to say we are all done with our lettuce though. Next year I will need a bigger garden.
They watched a little TV with dad.

Hung out, mowed the lawn, played games and went to a going away party for our friends.
Julie, Tony, Ryan and Adeline we will miss you!

Eric cooked dinner again. ( I love the weekends!)

Starting the week refreshed and ready!

1 comment:

  1. I love the weekends. Sounds like a very good one. I am sorry to hear friends are moving. Hope you are able to keep in touch. Love to all, XXXOOO


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