the big appointment

Landon had his big dentist appointment last week to help fix his teeth. He had weak enamel- a genetic defect: which side of the family I wonder?

Everything went well, he was just a bit groggy afterwards.  He came home and took a nap. The first thing he said when he awoke was "My lip isn't funny anymore.".... the Novocaine had worn off.


  1. What did they do to help with that? Lilah has a weak spot on her front tooth from damaging it in a fall. I would love to ask my dentist about it. Thanks!

  2. They basically filled and capped them. There was such deep cavities though at one point they thought they might have to pull them. Thanks goodness no.

  3. What a guy. Landon looks so adorable. Has he seen his picture? I love the shades. Did he pick the ones he wore? I love the smile on the dentists face. Is this the one and only treatment I hope? Love, XXXOOO


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