strawberries and music

Today was a beautiful day. Just the right amount of sun. We checked out new farm and did a little picking....
with lots of eating.
Not sure if it was the strawberry draw or not?
Afterwards we went to listen to some music.  There is this great festival going on right now near us. Each day they have free concerts with such a variety of music. Today's line up was from Africa.
The boys had a great time just chillin' and listening.

And so our summer has begun! 

(although not sure if there needs to be a differential from our regular scheduled lives- this is pretty much it)


  1. How delightful. The boys look wonderful! The day looks wonderful too. So glad you are able to spend your days as you do. Love, XXXOOO

  2. I am here and I am saying hi-no longer a stalker

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Do I know who you are too? Just had to correct the error. Love, XXXOOO


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