We packed a lunch and headed out mid morning to paint the hot and sticky day away.  Can't really show you the pieces we chose since they are for upcoming celebrations.  I can tell you that we had such a nice time, that we want to make it a monthly event around here. Sounds good to me.

This is where we were.


  1. We love pottery. The girls made their Uncle and at the time, soon to be Aunt, hand painted wine goblets for their wedding shower. They turned out beautiful and not only will they have them forever (hopefully) the memory of making a gift is so much better than simply buying something at a store! Looks like you had a great day staying cool!

  2. The boys look wonderful. The pottery looks like a lot of fun. Wonder what you are making. You certainly find the most wonderful things for your children to do. You are a wonderful mother! Love, XXXOOO


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