drawing tools: gel crayons

Gel Crayons by Lyra
These are a some of our favorite drawing materials.  They roll up like a glue stick as you use them. They come in a set of 12 colors. They are made in Germany.
Description: Water soluble crayons that turn to watercolors with a wet brush.  Bright and brilliant colors that are incredibly smooth and soft.  Colors blend well.
The boys just love them.
Landon has filled several pages of his drawing journal  just going over  and over in one color. 
I love to using them. At the end of the day when we draw, it relaxes me as the colors glide onto the pages.

We have had two sets for almost a year and half now and are ready for more. They also come in metallic colors.

We got ours here.

I am in no way shape or form receiving any endorsements for reviewing products. Just want to share the things that we love with others.

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  1. Love the gel crayons. I can see why you all love to draw. Has dad taken a turn at it? After all the mother's day card was a great work of art!!! Great Goebel sends her love as well as ours! Love, XXXOOO


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