another day at the beach

Such a grand day at the beach. Swimming, collecting, building fairy houses, baking pies and enjoying being 7 and 4.

We kept extending our time there. By late afternoon when we should have left everyone was so busy doing.  I was loving just watching and listening.  

The gentle breeze, the waves crashing down,  faint voices in the distance, sun lowering on the horizon, the emptiness : my favorite time at the beach, so it was hard to pull myself away.

We did manage to come home for dinner and now the little ones are fast asleep from a perfect summer day.


  1. These pictures are enchanting. Love the couple wading into the waves. What a glorious day. Brings back grand memories for me. Thanks for allowing the children to continue in their jobs of swimming, collecting, building, baking and enjoying. Good for all of you. Love, XXXOOO

  2. I whole heartedly concur with Gail! Enchanting is totally the right word for this post! Looks like a super fun day and I can easily say, I wish we were there too! :)

  3. Love, love, love the nature art!!
    I love beach days. sigh.


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