truly a sweet home day

a cool summery day to just hang out and relax 
I wasn't too sure what the day was going to bring
Landon says I want to play in the sandbox and both boys get lost in there for 2 hours
no whining, no arguments
just some great play
lunch outside,
quiet reading/rest 
snuggle and read together to slowly get moving again
draw for a bit
break for a smoothie
with helpers donning their newly painted aprons
back outside
play dough
sandbox adventures for another hour
dinner and fast asleep

really a peaceful day at home
days that I have come to love more than any others
days where it is just us
we learn, we live, we laugh
but most of all we LOVE

1 comment:

  1. Love these kind of days. Love seeing and reading about these kind of days in your lives. Thank you! Love, XXXOOO


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