early morning rhythm

We have fallen into a rhythm these days.  A regular sort of routine which seems to make the day go smoother.

We wake up when daddy heads out for work. The boys take it slow. They play together, read or just lay in bed until they are fully awake. 

Mama hops (or slowly rolls) out of bed and runs on the treadmill.

We tidy upstairs and come together for a story and riddles or problem solving.  The boys have some room time while I shower and dress.

Then we head down to breakfast and begin the rest of the day.  We discuss what is to happen that day.  Before breakfast is over we read our devotions and short stories.

I have noticed the days that we detour from this rhythm there seems to be a bit chaos to our day.  I am all about flexibility and  spontaneity, but I think  steady and predictable may be the way to go. 


  1. I like rhythm, too, and for the most part we are in a natural and easy one.
    And then just the other morning, as I was doing the morning's shining up, Madd came to me with something (don't remember what)... some big project she wanted to do... ended up that I helped her, and then there went the day - arts and stories and games and adventures....
    And I thought at the time "This is why I have to be flexible - even in that early morning rhythm I love so much - so that we can discover cool things."
    Maddie moves on to other ideas rather quickly, so we wouldn't have done whatever it was, later.
    I think that I don't make it a practice to say "wait..." because it's important for me to honor their ideas and creativity, you know?

  2. I am so trying to say yes more and not "wait". I have spent the summer relaxing and really trying to enjoy the moment and what the boys want to do. Like Maddie, Landon changes his mind rather quickly. Such as this morning when we got back from our walk Landon had a whole project planned out and I put what I needed to do on hold for a bit and did his idea, he was so proud. I am glad I did! I'm learning every day.....

  3. Whatever you do on any given day is just right. You're not sure? Just look at Landon and William and rest assured. Love to all, XXXOOO


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