Natural Playground

Today we went adventuring to a new playground. Although it took us some time to get there- due to traffic and missed turns- it was well worth the trip. We spent time with good friends and played all day. What could be better?

The kids spent the day using their imaginations as to what each piece of wood could be for.  There was lots of hard work building and playing. Definitely a place we will visit again.

You can find out more info about it here.  


  1. Where was this? I would love to take the girls.
    Let's try to get together soon. I will email you and see if we can pick a beach day (once the boot is off and stitches are out!)

  2. How lovely! We tried to get there once as well. Looks so very nice.

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  4. very cool!! we miss being able to hang out with you guys!

  5. What an awesome playground. Had it been available when my children were little I don't think we would have ever left it. You truly find the best places and things to do for your children. Again and again what a wonderful mom you are and what great children you are raising! Thanks! Love, XXXOOO


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