Sensational Stuff Saturday

I thought I would share some of our favorite things here - just in case anyone is ever looking for new things to check out.

We discovered this while away skiing this past winter and absolutely love it.  We can't get it locally but have had it shipped to us every now and again.  We have tried Creamy, Harvest and Mad River Mojo.  The boys love the creamy- they aren't into other stuff in their peanut butter- purists I suppose. I loved the Mojo and will eat the Harvest but probably would not buy it again.  We will be trying out more flavors this winter on our next trip to Vermont or possibly placing another order soon.  We'll see.

1 comment:

  1. What is the stuff in the Peanut Butter? Sounds great. Loved the discussion William and I had on the virtues of a peanut butter sandwich and the people in the family that liked it for lunch. Love to all, XXXOOO


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