a good day

We awake happy and read together.  

Snuggle a bit and William asks "Want to go to the Spa?"  Well, why not??? After careful preparations I enter the "Spa" (a.k.a the bathroom).  I receive a hot face massage, lotion on my arms and legs, hair wet and blow dried and makeup- thanks to the new face paints Santa delivered. 
I am looking good.  Thankfully no photos are taken.

We move on to breakfast. "Can we make it?" they both ask.  Go ahead.  Another success.

After breakfast I get a few minutes with each of them to work on some skills and then Will reads to us.

Off to do what we want on our own- cars, listening, "raging  battles", cleaning, organizing, sorting.  

Lunch already- time is flying by and what a peaceful morning it has been.

We do a few quick errands after lunch. Home again for an Olympic soccer game out on the ice.  

Monopoly Jr. and tea.

Read a chapter in One Hundred Dresses. 

Dinner prep while the boys play their new mind games.


Journal together.

Dinner and bed.

We talked about how,  although there were a few moments of anger we were able to talk through them and be gentle to one another. 

I relaxed more and said yes often. It made a huge difference.  The power of words.

All is well.  Every day is new beginning and can be wonderful.


  1. I am so glad that today was a much, much better day! Isn't it amazing what a difference a day can make? And what happens when you say "yes" more? I find that too, on the days I don't say "yes" as much as usual, that our days are much more rough around the edges than usual. Hoping that tomorrow is even better!

  2. Yes can make a huge difference. I think it forces us to slow down. Going to the spa may not have been in your plans but if you had said no...imagine the memory that would not have been made! Sounds like a blissful day!

  3. Thanks to both Jessica and Shel for your very sweet words.

  4. What a day. I only feel bad the "Spa" wasn't open while I was visiting. Sounds like a great day. But in your house I have only experienced great days. Great Goebel used to say only say no when you have to and really mean it. Love to all, XXXOOO

  5. Mmm, I love that.

    Which is more valuable, the lovely day itself, or paying attention to it, and figuring out how it happened so it can happen easily next time? :)
    I realize we can't (or wouldn't want to) live the same day every day, but those blissful days sure are encouraging.

    Here's to a lot of them.


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