in the kitchen

The past 24 hours I have been busy in the kitchen; of course with some help.

We have made cranberry bread, macaroni and cheese, Shepard's pie, meatloaf, chicken pot pie, two vegetable quiches, two batches of granola and there is still tomorrow's list: muffins, more cranberry bread, crispy rice balls, and sweet and sour chicken.

Why have we been so busy- we are preparing- preparing for some family time,  time I want to spend relaxing and enjoying the moment.  Our freezer is pretty stocked up and all we have to do is pack. Yeah!

It was grand though having the boys help.  William read me the entire recipe for cranberry bread, which brought on a discussion of fractions and then actually figuring those out.  Landon was learning about cutting things in half and counting as we broke up butter and stuff.  They are constantly learning in all that we do and it was a great reminder today.

We also read, danced, played a new game and recorded it all in our journals.

A pretty amazing ordinary day!


  1. Wow you have been busy! Sounds delicious!

  2. Holy cow! That sounds delish! Have so much fun where ever you are going! We should get the boys together soon.. I will email you!

  3. You sure have been busy! It all sounds so delicious and so wonderful! Enjoy whereever it is your adventures are taking you!


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