snowing in the house

A rather simple day.
I cleaned.
Boys played.
Reading together.
Romped outside.
Reading with some resting.
Computer play.
Crafting some simple snowflakes- we actually have never done these before, I know, crazy right?  Well they had a great time making them and the discussions about what they looked like, what shapes they made were just terrific!  

We then decorated the house with them so they say "It's snowing inside"  It was such a simple project but really rather wonderful.
More outside time- chasing mommy, snowball baseball, tag with Gritty.
Warren Miller's Ride documentary.  The boys love watching anything to do with skiing and snowboarding right now.
All was right with the day.

1 comment:

  1. I love snowflakes and especially these. Sounds like another grand day. Love, XXXOOO


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