Today of all days we had to travel out of the house. It was an icy, rainy day that should have been spent snuggled by the fire, reading or crafting.  Oh, but we had a new class today.  It was at the Seaport. Today's topic was astronomy.  They went to the planetarium and learned all about the night sky. Then they made a craft. They were so very excited to share all that they learned with me. 

You see, I did not go with them.  No, I got to spend two hours alone.  I browsed the book store, enjoyed a hot cup of tea, and did a bit of knitting.  It was a time of solitude.  I have time alone at home but I always have a houseful of things to do.  Here, I am stranded with nowhere to go, nothing but time with ME.  Time to reflect on life.  Time to wander with my thoughts. Time to create.  Just Time.

So I end the day grateful we went out. Grateful the boys enjoyed their class. Grateful that I am me.

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  1. I too am grateful you are you and I love you dearly. Love all you do for and with the boys. Their lives are enriched by what you do and I know ours it too. Thank you dear Rose. Love, XXXOOO


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