collecting leaves::collecting stories

The simple act of collecting leaves. Walking around the field for 45 minutes with my little babe.  Holding hands. The same route over and over. Every time finding something new. The excitement. The joy. The pure innocence of being 5. Reminding this Mama that he is only 5.  That looking at leaves with a variety of colors is the neatest thing in the world. Each one has its own uniqueness. Each one different. Just like us. Listening to him describe them and compare them to things in our world.  Sharing this special time with him. Being in the now is exactly where I want to be. These moments are precious and few. These are the stories I want us to cherish.

The leaves sit on our dining room table as a reminder to simply enjoy living and loving together.


  1. "Reminding this mama that is is only five."

    Isn't it amazing how we sometimes forget how YOUNG they still are? I find myself having to remember this all the time.

    What a fabulous experience of leaf collecting. I hope you keep them on the dining room table as long as possible!

  2. Every age is a joy in its own right. Every child deserves the time and attention you give the boys.
    Thank you Rose. Love XXXOOO


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