*Thankful to be home safely after driving 23 hours straight.

*Thankful to be sleeping in our beds tonight.

*Thankful the house is safe after being away for 2 weeks.

*Thankful for the warm fire Eric built right when we walked in the door tonight.

*Thankful for two weeks in the warm sunshine, making some pretty silly memories.

*Thankful for a peaceful week of open ended playing and lots of reading.

*Thankful for two wonderful people (parents to us, grandparents to the boys), that open their home with such hospitality.

Thankful my boys still enjoy being with their Mama.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Not as thankful as we are to have you in our family and to have you visit and want to spend time with us and allow us to spend such great time with the boys and for all you do for your family and for who you are, great wife, great mom, great daughter, great woman. Love you Rose, XXXOOO


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