the last 8 days

This is where we spent the last 8 days. The boys were so very  excited and have been anticipating this trip for several months.  My in-laws have been counting the days to this trip ever since William was born.  It is one of their favorite places to go.  It was one of the biggest trips I ever had to plan. Usually we just exchange our timeshare and take it from there.  There was so much more planning for this excursion.  

It was quite the experience.  I can't say that Eric and I were loving the whole trip.  A bit overwhelming and way too many people and we went during the off season. I can't even imagine the summer months.  The boys had fun but, they too were on sensory overload.  Many of the rides were frightening for them.  One of their favorite things was seeing the characters and taking pictures with them. The days were exhausting.  We would leave our cabin by 8:00 and not return again until 8:00 or even later some nights.  Mid week we took a break from the theme parks and went to the water park. This was a huge hit.  Water is all they needed and it was so much more relaxing.  

I am glad that we experienced it and hope that they remember going with their Grandparents.  We may visit again, but just for a day or two and probably not for several years.  

I am learning more every day how I like simple things. Slower pace. Quiet times. Peace. 

Today the boys and I stayed put. We read, rested, walked the dog, played with cars.  It was pure bliss. 

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