stuff, stuff, stuff

Over the past year I have been trying so very hard to cut back on our intake of stuff. And to let go of things we no longer need. That was my goal for the year- to simplify. I'm doing a pretty good job. During the month of October I sold almost 50 items on eBay and made an easy 350.00. Just on things we had in the house. Mostly stuff from the boys when they were younger. I have finally accepted the fact that we are good with 2. Although if more were to bless this house that would be great and if that time ever came we could easily find the things we need, through friends and thrifting.  

But I digress.  

Anyways I recently was at a friends house and there was NO clutter. Nothing. The house looked so fresh and clean. The essentials were there. I loved the way it may me feel.  I know we have way too much stuff and am going to try even harder to clear out. The boys are swimming in toys that they only use once a week/month.  It won't be easy but I would like to try and cut our stuff in half.  I want to enjoy even more of my time with the boys and not be constantly picking up things or tripping up over them.  I would rather be experiencing life than worrying where things need to go. 

I'll keep on plugging away and hopefully we will get there someday soon.


  1. It must be something about the month of November that draws our attention to decluttering and simplifying our lives. I have been feeling exactly the same way. My space was crowding in on me. I have been working steadily this week to part with as much as possible. I am making good progress. Already I feel more at peace. Good for you for selling your items! The extra money heading into the holidays must feel great! I congratulate your boys for letting go of what they no longer need. My girls have a very hard time with that!

  2. Oh my gosh, me too! I was looking around the house last night thinking "Why is there so much stuff??" And actually, we don't have that much because its two families sharing one spot, so we really don't have room for a lot of extra...but maybe that's why its so easy to SEE the extra! I'm glad you were able to sell your items and make money. :) I'm thinking my own de-clutter post will be coming soon...

  3. It seems to be a topic of conversation lately. BTW Jess, my boys don't always give up there stuff so easily but we just keep on talking about how we have so much and just don't need it.

  4. Noble ideas. But as Grampy likes to say, you can never have enough train track or building blocks. As for me, never enough books or jingle bells, matchbox cars, ribbons or bowls. My list is too long. E-bay here I come. Love to all. XXXOOO

  5. I know the feeling of wanting another little one yet coming to feel that you are good with two. 2010 was very hard for me for that very reason and now 2011 has brought with it the notion that we are a really awesome family of four (though somedays I still do wish we were a family of five or six).

    Doesn't decluttering feel so good?! Last year we got rid of 40 bags in 40 days and it was amazing! I am gearing up to clear things out before Christmas (I would love to be all done with it by Winter Solstice even). We have also found that keeping the Christmas gifts to a minimum helps too! We use a poem where each girl gets four gifts from us. "Something you want, something you need, something you hope for and something to read." We used that as the guiding force for the frist time last year and it was fabulous!


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