So we arrived home from our trip nicely. One little problem: the boys are sick. Eric is on the mend and I am beginning my way down that path.  

Then this week we have the kids that I watch on occasion. It's been a long time since I have had them and this time there is a new addition. A six month old baby girl.  The boys are wonderful with her.  They love playing with her and are a big help when I need it.  It has been interesting when all five are here. I really am enjoying myself.

I am also trying to get at least one group activity done a day.  Yesterday the boys wrote in their circle journals.  Today we made Advent countdown calendars. I got the idea from Family Fun magazine.

I took plastic bubble wrap and cut it out so there were 24 circles.  Then the kids picked out the colored stickers and put them on. I wrote the numbers for some. Will also decided to decorate the outside around the bubbles.  The directions had called for white stickers and then to decorate them in holiday colors. But sticking with the motto of "use what we have", we used a variety of whatever there was. I think it looks festive and the kids are excited to hear the "pop" every day as they countdown the days.


  1. What a neat idea! Sorry to hear that the boys and Eric have been sick and that you are headed down that path too. When we got Emma from Crickets today she said she was not feeling well, promptly fell asleep in the car (at like 4:15pm) and has been asleep ever since. I hope that with all this sleep that whatever it is works it way out as quickly as it arrived. Love the Advent countdown calendars! What a super cool idea!

  2. Best Advent calendar I have ever seen. Love, XXXOO


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