a good living day

Today we had an outing to a wonderful show. The Shangri-la Chinese Acrobats.  It was absolutely amazing how the performers jump, bend and balance.  I would definitely recommend the show if it comes to a theatre near you. The boys thought it was great. And shortly afterwards while we were spending some time at an old favorite beach, they were practicing all the stunts they saw during the show.

We came home to bake granola, pear crumb cake and make soup.  Noodle, Tomato, and Turnip. No one but me was interested(in the soup). It seems that I am making a new soup or baking a new treat every day. We have all these fresh fruits and veggie from our CSA that need to be used up. My high hopes of canning and preserving didn't happen this year. Hopefully next. I still have much learning to do and still a canner to buy before I can actually do any of it.

Next there was some game playing and wood stacking. The two of them were so proud of themselves for bringing it in and stacking all by themselves. We are all learning that helping around the house is an important task to be done.

And of course reading - we are currently loving the Lyle Crocodile books.  A bit a time with Dad and off to bed.

A good day just living and learning along the way.


  1. A good day indeed. Love the soup idea. With great anticipation we are looking forward to November 12th. Love, XXXOOO

  2. Rosie, Awesome pictures of the boys. Soup looks yummy too.

  3. We love the Ladybug Game! That is totally a family favorite!

    If you'd like I'd be happy to give you a canning lesson! Maybe sometime next year we can get together and I can teach you! Or we can meet up over the winter and make and can some applesauce. Either way the offer is good for whenever. I would be happy to pass that wonderful skill onto you whenever! :)


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