forgot about this

As I was unloading pictures from my camera I forgot that we stopped at a brewery last week on our way home. Vermont has a passport that you can get stamped for every brewery that you visit. Eric and I can get into that. The boys enjoy seeing how beer is made as well as we do.  I mean they are learning something .


  1. Now THERE is something we could get into! You can get a stamp for every brewery you visit? far is it from MN to Vermont? ;) Looks like fun and yes of course the boys ARE learning something!

  2. NO COMMENT. Well one comment: As long as the boys are watching the brewing and not imbibing it could be considered family fun. Love to all, XXXOOO

    1. Oh, Grammy. You know it 'twas all in fun and the boys know that is only for adults. They were actually having a conversation about drinking with their stuffed friends just today. They told them they could do anything they wanted but not drink because it was against the law. I had to smile.


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