Imagine Nation Museum

Lately I have been getting some pretty cool deals on Living Social and Groupon websites. If you don't know about them you should check them out. They have deals to places near you plus some that are national. So last week we got a deal to a museum and were able to meet friends there today. It was great to see these friends as it had been awhile.  

So a good day of play......

Although there are some children's museums that we are beginning to outgrow as I mentioned here, we still manage to have fun. 

I am thinking hard about taking advantage about membership. It gets you into over 100 museum across the country. 5 alone in our state and quite a few in neighboring states, which are still under a 2 hour's drive.  They will be changing the way the reciprocal program works- increasing the membership fee and only getting half off instead of free admission so this may be "the year of museums".


  1. What a fun day!! Love the pic on the climbing wall, he looks pretty proud of himself :)

  2. Love museums and love that you are able to take advantage of some deals. Have fun. Love, XXXOOO


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