a day of domestic bliss

This is last Thursday.  The night before I had sat for an hour reading my newest love: Seeing the Everyday.

The articles reflected on working together doing everyday tasks.  These were some of the fondest memories of the authors.  I thought about that all night. I was always right under foot as my mom did the laundry, cooked huge meals, cleaned, and such. Those are the times that I remember most.

So the next day we took it easy together at home. Everyone helped as we did the daily tasks of keeping up a house. I spent the day side by side with my boys. William loved helping me plant the flowers, make granola and he made the popsicles all by himself.  Landon told me his favorite part of the day was hanging the laundry. I slowed down and truly realized that these are the memories I wanted my children to have. To be contributing to our lives on a daily basis.  To work side by side and to learn that in love all things are possible.

We also spent time creating, (something I can't quite post yet), and  there was lots of time carved out for reading. 

When I fell asleep that night, I was contented. I was so grateful that we chose to live this life. I am blessed every day that we are together.


  1. What a beautiful day! Focusing on the everyday is the best way, but sometimes it's hard to remember. I am going to check out that site you linked :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect day and wonderful memories to remember.

  3. Oh, how we need those days. Pure contentment and a reminder of why we chose the life we did. :)


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