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We had a tag sale over the weekend.  William spent a morning making all of our signs. My goal was to get rid of lots of things we have just been accumulating and to make a little extra cash.  We ended up selling quite a bit of little stuff and one big item out of the garage, but the other big things we will have try Craig's list. 

All the time that is put into organizing things, moving from one place to another kinda wore me out.  It did make me really think even more about how much stuff one can have. Is it all necessary?  I tend to spend too much time on trying to put things away rather than just enjoying time with my family.

My basement has more space. I like that. I want to keep it like that. We are working on keeping things that we truly love and are using.  Trying to let go.  I like the idea of when one thing comes in one thing must leave. I have tried to do that with the toys and such, but may even need to try a bit harder. 

The boys had fun selling the stuff and much of it was their own. They did a good job of helping and cleaning out, but I think they even realized by the end that it was a lot of work for a tag sale.

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  1. I always say this is the last tag sale (because it is so much work. But then another year and another tag sale. It is a great way to recycle and make a little cash. Good family project. Love, XXXOOO


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