William's Birthday Fun

Last night I was just a bit tired to  post all the fun we had on my sweet baby boy's day.  It was an early morning (5:30am) as Will was too excited to sleep.  By 6:30 he was outside using his whiplash, having opened Landon's presents.  We had breakfast and then headed off to Boston to go to the children's museum at Will's request. 

We had fun playing and climbing. It was a bit crowded due to end of the year field trips but we made the best of it.

Then we headed home by late afternoon for some outside fun while Daddy made Will's favorite dinner. Steak, french fries and Cesar salad.  It was yummy!  And of course the cake. Going on five years making the most delicious cake ever. This year Will helped with the decorating.

There was one more present to open.  Playmobile. As much as I am getting tired of it the boys absolutely love it. We spent the evening putting it together. Everyone needed to help. 

Then we read books and tried to fall asleep, but since there was some major napping in the car ride home, no one was too ready to fall asleep. Will and I instead played a late night game of Backgammon. I was beaten very badly by my now 9 year old. He is full of strategies he tells me. 

We lay in bed talking for a bit until finally sleep overcomes us. It was a very nice day for my sweet William.


  1. What an awesome day for such an awesome guy! Happy, Happy Birthday William!

  2. Looks like a great day!! Love the family picture :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Happy birthday to the first born of our first born. Love you dearly, Grammy and Grampy XXXOOO


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