Father's Day

Yesterday it was Eric's choice to do whatever. To my surprise he chose a hike.  We went to a nearby park but somewhere we had never hiked up. We always drove to the top just to get a look at the view.

I was surprised at how quickly we made it to the top. The boys just love being in the woods.  We went through meadows, scaled rock walls and looked out over cliffs.  They have such a wonderful imagination.
Once we got to the top we happened upon a re-dedication to the Civil War monument that was at the top. The boys have always wanted to go check it out but they had been working on it for a long time so every time we drove up it was closed. This was just so perfect and so unplanned. I love how things work out like that sometimes. Being that Eric is huge history buff, it was great.  We stayed to watch and then headed back down the mountain-more like hill.

We spent the afternoon at home relaxing and making snacks. Then ended the day with a bonfire.

We are thankful we have Eric in our life and the boys have such an amazing father to help guide them through their life.

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  1. Don't you just love serendipitous events? XXXOOO


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