rainy day activities

We started the morning out making Maple Chocolate Chip cookies, which we turned into bars. The recipe can be found here. They were so easy to make and are delicious.  Our new favorite snack.

Although it was still misting, the boys headed out to make Fairy houses in the garden.

We decided to try out a new game: Take Off.  A great game for learning geography. You fly around the world landing in different cities. We played for 2 hours but it was so much fun it certainly did not feel like that long.  Photos taken by the boys.

By late afternoon the sun decided to come out and we headed to the pool for a swim. Something we have been doing almost every day this week. The boys are loving the pool! It is so much fun to see them swim and dive. Summer is looking good.


  1. The new picture, the fairy houses, the geography learning and the pool are all looking good. What a marvelous place to grow up. Love to all, xxxooo

  2. Take Off looks like fun! I think my girls would like it and we are looking for new games. I will have to look on Amazon.....

  3. Those cookies sound so good! I think we just might have to make them ASAP!


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