sleepless nights and a giveaway

Landon has been having a hard time sleeping on his own over the past several months and during the past few weeks it has gotten worse.  He needs one of us to be near him in order to fall asleep, then wakes several times during night to give us a hug. After the second time I usually end up sleeping with him.  Either in his bed or he joins us in our bed. I used to be able to sleep pretty good but lately it has been hard. I am waking up so tired. SO much so that the other day in fact I slept until 10:30.  I was shocked. How could I manage that with two boys who need their Mama. Well, when they are really left to their own they manage just fine. Will was able to get cereal for both of them. They read through our huge basket of books. They watched a show through Netflix, and they played lots of Uno.  I came downstairs and Will said "go back up". They were just fine. Oh, how we worry too much that they always need us. What I discovered is that I really needed sleep.

I am also reminding myself daily that it is a season that Landon is going through and one day he will not want to snuggle and be right. next. to. me. Bask in it while I can. When he rolls over in the morning with a huge smile, a full body hug and the words- "I will never forget you." I can do without a good nights sleep.

I have been reading like crazy lately. Not much creating.  Instead heading up at night to cool off in our air conditioned bedroom and read. Lots of books on parenting , inspiration and life.  Cleaning off my shelves and that is what I have to share with one of you. Listening to Nature by Joseph Cornell. He is the author of Sharing Nature with Children. This book is for adults. It has 30 separate entries to read as inspiration and a wonderful photograph with quotes to go along with it. It is a nice book.  If you would like a chance to win, please leave a comment below by Monday night. I will chose a winner on Tuesday. 

Thanks for listening.

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  1. Sorry about the sleep interrupted nights. Everyone seems to go through seasons of that at all ages. You are wonderful to meet the needs of your children. Parenting includes teaching them to do things on their own without you, to live responsibly. And you my dear Rose are doing just that. Love to all, XXXOOO


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