odds and ends
thoughts that have crossed my mind
each one not enough for its own post
but giving you a small glimpse 
 into this daily life of ours

**We had frozen pipes last week with the cold snap. Eric spent an entire evening, up until 12:00 getting them to work. Now we have a big hole in the wall in the bathroom but at least we can get at the pipes easier.**

** Jaxson had his first bath in our tub. We were gone for a long time and the poor baby had an accident in his crate. I felt so badly for him having to sit in poop. He seemed to enjoy the tub though. Just let us wash him up and didn't move around too much.**

**Landon lost his second tooth. The Tooth Fairy apparently can't fly when it is below zero because she missed a night, but made up for it the following evening.**

**We got new stools for the counter so now we can sit and do projects closer to the fire. The boys love having their snack there as well.**

**The baby turned around! We are very happy about that. Only two more weeks to go. I just can't wait.**

**Had family movie night recently and ate popcorn for dinner.**

**William is going through a rough patch at the moment and keeps forgetting or losing things wherever he goes. We are trying to come up with ways to help him be a bit more responsible for his stuff.**

**Books I am reading: Help,Thanks,Wow: The Three Essential Prayers 
The Simple living Guide**

**Eric's been working late to accumulate time when the baby comes. We have missed him this past week.**

**Got my knitting groove back. I usually end my day by knitting. It feels so good.**

**Still in awe that I am going to be Mom a third time around. So grateful for answered prayers.**

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. Yay for babies who turn around! :)

  2. I agree! Yay baby! Loved reading all these snippets. Wish we could visit and sit and knit together. The Simple Living Guide is a great book. :)

  3. Hurray the baby turned. Thank God for answered prayers. XXXOOO


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