must be a surprise

So many people have asked me during this pregnancy, "Oh, It must have been a surprise?"

I guess because of the age difference it will mean between Landon and his little brother. Just about 7 years. People  assume it wasn't a planned pregnancy. Well, it wasn't but it also wasn't an unwanted surprise.
I'll share.

When Landon was 3 years old I became pregnant and was so delighted, only to soon find out it was an ectopic pregnancy, meaning there was no way I could carry the baby to term and be safe for myself or the baby. It was a sad time and took a lot of recovery physically and mentally. After several months we were finally ready to start trying again. However it just wasn't happening. I was becoming discouraged and anxious all at the same time.

Last Spring I decided that it just wasn't in our cards and that we were blessed with two wonderful boys so it was time to move on and accept that we were going to be a family of 4.  I sold or gave away all our baby and maternity things. I was content with our life as it was.

Then when things were hard,  Eric had been out of work for 2 months,  a surprise came our way. I was pregnant. It was a rather unexpected surprise but something we had wanted for so long that we were overjoyed, although a little nervous since we were unsure of what the future held.

Life is unpredictable and wonderful all rolled into one.  It is a big age gap but it will all work out. The boys are excited and I am sure will be super helpers and protectors as this little one grows.

I'll take a surprise like this any day.


  1. I have had many of the same comments due to the same age gap as your boys have. Our littlest wasn't planned but he was certainly a pleasant and wanted surprise.

    I can only imagine the heartbreak you endured during your ectopic pregnancy and the years of trying without success. All the more reason to celebrate this new little miracle who is almost here!

    As far as the age gap, it will be fine....and quite wonderful. Having big brothers around who are 9 and almost 7 has been a massive help. It is so special to see them interact with their baby brother in such a caring and concerned way.

    I can't wait to read the news that your little one has arrived and to hear what the big brothers think!

    1. I think it is so neat that our boys are the same age. I am so glad I found your blog.

      We are anxious for the little one's arrival.

  2. There is a blogger on my blogroll - Shady Bayou...her two oldest boys are a bit older than yours and she has a 2 year old. I love to read her blog and see how she has incorporated a toddler into her homeschooling and how the boys are always with him, holding him, laughing with him, assisting him. It will be so wonderful for the boys to be able to participate in the experience of being an older brother, in a way they could not if they were younger.

    Any news on your parents?

    1. They made it here late Monday night after a very icy drive, but safe and sound.
      I will have to check out that blog.

  3. Surprises are often the best. They humble us by showing that we really are not in control. So let's let life happen and know that all things will work out. And this new baby certainly worked out perfectly. Love, XXXOOO


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