just jax and me

The boys headed out early this mornig to go skiing with all this new snow we got. Although, I do not think we even got close to what southern New England got. 

Jax and I went for our morning walk in the woods. Quiet, simple, refreshing and calming.

At times he can drive me crazy, but he is a cute puppy and loves his Mama. He takes off for a bit but  always comes back to see where I am and make sure I am OK. Love the connection a person can make with an animal. He is truly a special part of our family. One of his favorite places to sleep these days is right next to my belly. He keeps me warm and every once in awhile he gets a kick or two from the baby. 

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  1. Jaxson is very cute. Southern New England got quite a bit more snow. XXXOOO


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