kitchen mess

This is what my kitchen looked like yesterday afternoon when our water stopped working for about 5 hours. We were in the middle of making a big dinner with two desserts for Grammy's birthday and Valentine's  Day. I think we used every pot in the house. At some point I had to reuse one so I melted some snow from outside to wash up a bit. It was quite a comical scene but it all worked out in the end. Some days are just like that.


  1. Oh my, this is too funny, at least now looking back :) I am sure at the time it was a little frustrating. Nice on on the snow!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. It's a good thing you had the snow on the ground and the thought to use it!
    Times like these always give me a much greater appreciation of what life was like for our ancestors not all that far back.
    When our hot water heater broke a couple years ago I had to heat water on the stove top to pour into the bath for us to wash with....what a tedious chore that was. It took so many pots of water and by the time one heated the water already in the tub had cooled.

    How did your dinner and desserts turn out?

    1. Everything turned out so well. It really wasn't too bad not having water, just when it went back on there was plenty of cleaning to do.

  3. Back to the old days. Glad to be in the now days. Love, XXXOOO


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