a basket full of blankets

 As we were preparing for Harkin's birth I took out all the blankets I had on hand and discovered quite a wonderful selection. Plus a beautiful new one was added. But where is mine.  It may be a little late but eventually Harkin will have a hand knitted blanket from his Mama.
These three were made by friends when William was born. He is so graciously sharing them with his baby brother.
This was Eric's when he was a baby. Harkin has been using it everyday in his bassinet. Keeping him nice and warm.
 This was one of mine from when I was little. I remember laying for hours on the grass playing with all my stuffed friends on this blanket.
This one was made by my grandmother, years before I was probably even born. She made blankets constantly for her yet to be grandchildren and great grandchildren.
The newest one made just for Harkin by Grammy.  All during my pregnancy we were calling Harkin the "unnamed cowboy". Grammy went with that theme and then of course we moved to Vermont. Specifically to a town that is known as the home of Vermont's dairy festival so the cows just worked out perfectly.


  1. What a wonderful basket of blankets, so much love and family history. Wonderful!

  2. There is nothing like handmade blankets to snuggle under! They are just the best!

  3. Love the history of them all. Love and snuggles. Love, XXXOOO


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