our home learning the past few weeks

With Grammy and Grampy's visit,  a visit from my sister and the birth of their baby brother our routine has been a little interrupted. However it was all for the good of the family and only enhanced our lives. The boys are building strong relationships with their Grandparents. They had so much fun hanging out with Auntie Linda and of course are falling in love with Harkin.

During our days there is so much learning going on. The boys played almost every game we had with Grammy and Grampy, all while learning geography, reading, numbers, cooperation, logic and so much more.  At one point during Number Quest William exclaimed how much fun math was. There was a 3 day Monopoly game and a never ending saga of Uno.

William helped Grammy sew a curtain for our bathroom window. Grampy built a barn with both boys. There was real life learning going on as they had to measure and cut pieces. They had to problem solve when something just didn't go the way they thought it ought to.

There were many nights cooking dinners for the family as Mama was just too tired. Learning that not everyone does it the way Mom and Dad do and that is OK. You just adjust to the situation.

Of course there was lots of reading time. Every night they had a book from almost every adult in the house because you just can't get enough stories.

Thanks Grammy and Grampy for sharing in it and for all your patience while you played tons of games.

This little "break" was another great reminder that learning happens everywhere and in everything.  I think we'll just keep on living and learning.


  1. Love this!! Learning happens as we live our life...it is really the best way.

  2. We thank all of you. And boy did we learn right along with all of you. We loved every minute and can't wait for the next visit with this wonderful, fun, loving family. XXXOOO


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