a day well spent

Chores to start the day. Landon vacuumed , William mopped. Rooms were cleaned. Wood was brought in. Laundry was done.  William walked Jaxson.

Letters and sounds were practiced by Landon. Beast math was conquered by William. He is loving this series right now.

Match box car races were had while Mama took a nice hot shower. Long naps by baby.

Outside time- where baseball games are happening in the snow.

Lunch with history story read. 
Spelling practice.

Brownies baked and quiet time. Boys read and colored while Harkin and I napped.

Popcorn and brownies were eaten while stories and drawing happened. Followed by crazy dog playtime.

Afternoon chores, then some fresh air for all.  

Presents arrived in the mail. The big boys were thrilled that they got one too. Everything was put right to use while Mama made dinner.  


Daddy came home early and was being his silly self.

Harkin found his thumb!

After dinner William wanted to do more Beast math with Dad. Landon and I read and hung out with Harkin.

Bedtime stories were read and everyone fell fast asleep ready for ski day tomorrow.

Another good day in this life of ours.

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