the view from my window

There is a trail of footprints leading into the woods. You can't see them but my big boys are out there. They are loggers, miners and explores. They are becoming in tune with their surroundings. They are spending time with nature.

I hear them laughing and enjoying each others company.  They beg me to stay out just a little bit longer. I am so very grateful every day that they have this available to them and we are at home together.  They will come in by lunch and then we will settle down to some book learning, but I know that they are learning all morning. Learning to appreciate this wonderful world of ours.


  1. What a wonderful place to play and learn.

    Hope you guys are all well.

    1. Things are going well. Hope you are enjoying your trip.

  2. Beautiful views. I miss them, the views as well as all of you. XXXOOO


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