** The tiredness has really begun to set in.**

**Harkin gained 6 ounces in 3 days.**

**Harkin's umbilical cord fell off last night! He has the cutest little belly button.**

**I went for a walk with Jaxson and Harkin up the big hill, and it felt wonderful. We are still trying to get the sling thing down though.**

**The big boys went skiing all by themselves, no adult with them, they felt pretty cool. They checked in with Eric every few runs and had a walkie talkie with them the whole day.**

** I haven't left our property for 6 days now and it doesn't bother me. I love just being at home and hanging out with my boys. Doing things in the house. Playing, creating, cleaning, cooking, resting, etc.**

**Jaxson is becoming a big dog. He has a very loud bark when he sees the maple sugaring guys out in the woods. He wants to do his job and protect us. What a good boy he is.**

**My knitting needles have been wondering where I am lately. I can read while nursing but haven't mastered knitting. There are so many projects waiting for me. Hoping when Harkin is napping and I'm not I can put everything else aside and just knit.**.

**Loving the warmer weather we have been having lately but wondering how the Winter went by so quickly.**

**Could spend my entire day holding Harkin and just staring at his cute little face. Loving having a newborn and would do it all again in a heartbeat.**

**Smiles to all**


  1. sweet statements I hope your boys read 20 years form now.

  2. Lovely days. I am so delighted for you. Love, XXXOOO


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