drawing books

We found some neat drawing books at the library the other day. I have always tried to encourage the boys to create in their own way and not have them follow a set example. However, they were really interested in these books so I thought we would give them a try.

Landon is using one that shows how to draw castles and knight. He is making scenes with the the knights battling and guarding the castles.

William has an Ed Emberly drawing book. He worked for a long time on making a haunted house.Although he was following a step by step guide he still added his own details.

They were not only working on their drawing skills, but attention spans as well. Plus Landon was telling a story to go along with his picture, therefore exercising his creative storytelling/writing skills.

I love how I am able to give them the time they needed to work on these projects of theirs. There was no clock telling us it was now time to stop and move onto the next academic subject.  It was a good reminder to me that we learn from everything we do.  Most especially when it interests us.


  1. YES! Totally agree with you. So amazing to give our children the time and space to learn as they wish. Way to go mama!!!

  2. That's why you are doing what you do and you do it so well. Love to all, XXXOOO


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