6 weeks

So here is a picture of me from Thanksgiving. I am not loving it, but my family would like to see what I look like these days. I am not often in front of the camera.  So from today we have 6 weeks to go. It has gone by pretty quickly but at the same time I am trying to savor it. I do love being pregnant.  This time around I am much more tired than usual, and also found out a few weeks ago that I was anemic so that added to the tiredness. Not to mention a little toddler who keeps me busy all day long.

We are all getting more and more excited. Harkin has begun saying hi to the baby in my belly, although I am not sure he really understands. Landon loves to feel her move and kick, while Will just wonders from afar what a little sister will be like. I know they are all going to be great with her. Right now they all play and help one another so beautifully.

With the holidays and our busy fall schedule I am so looking forward to settling in for the winter months and just getting to know our sweet girl. I have just started to knit her something as I feel she should have at least one handmade that was meant for her. The blanket I started way back when got torn out. I did not like it  and have plans for a new one, it just may be a bit. I am still trying to finish a sweater for Harkin before Christmas.

She keeps me up at night moving and kicking all over the place. I still  wonder how it is so amazing that I am pregnant again and that we are having a girl.

I am in a constant state of gratefulness for my family and the life we are living.


  1. Look at your beautiful belly. How is that you only have six weeks till you meet her? Time has gone so fast. Enjoy these last few weeks, and take care of yourself mama. xo

  2. Life is moving so quickly indeed. I never get on here anymore. You are beautiful! You look great. Six weeks to go really does seem impossible, I agree. I look forward to hearing about the arrival of your Little Girl and to discover whether or not we will be welcoming a Little Brother or Little Sister. Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. We are so grateful too. Take good care of yourself. We are all anticipating with great excitement the arrival of the new baby girl. XXXOOO


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