a special treat

Each week while the big boys took their robot class, Harkin and I would have an hour to roam downtown Burlington. There is the Church Street market place, which is a cobblestone walkway just for pedestrians. On either side it is lined with stores. We would slowly make our way up and back each time. We would just window shop, occasionally stopping in a to check a particular store out.  Harkin loved to walk on the little stones as a pathway and if there were manhole covers he would jump on them. Time slowed and I just enjoyed the time watching my toddler lead the way.  On one particular day, we decide a stop was needed for a special treat at Ben and Jerry's. How excited he was to have his own ice cream and it was free. They were running a special promotion.  It was a grand day and our little secret. The big boys don't know they missed out:)

1 comment:

  1. What a fun way to spend the hour. I won't tell the big boys your secret! XXXOOO


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