slowing down

We finished up most of our classes and are now in a baking, crafting and home mode. I had lots of plans on my "to do" list for the month of December, but now I am rethinking it all and will scratch most of it. We just need some time to relax, clam down and gather in.  The boys are super excited about the holiday season. I am tired a lot lately. Eric is working lots of overtime and will be going away for a week soon.  Our unscheduled time needs to be just as it is. Be bored and watch the icicles slowly drip. Read lots of books, snuggle, play and knit! No particular plan to our day. Lets see what happens. I am trying to keep things simple and remember to cherish the small moments of everyday. That is what life is made of. 

Wishing everyone a lovely start to your week and hoping you can find time to slow down and enjoy the days.


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend December to me! Enjoy every moment and I hope you are feeling well! xo

  2. Great plan. Enjoy the boy's enthusiasm and the excitement in the air. Love to all, XXXOOO


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