horseback riding

The boys finished up their riding lessons right after thanksgiving. It was a bitter cold day and in order to stay a bit warmer, their teacher had them ride bare back. It was neat to see them ride and work on really getting o know their horse. They had to be calm and breathe with he horse since she could feel their every move and how their body tensed.

Landon was so upset that this was their last lesson. This is something he is very passionate about. He keeps trying to slip in to Daddy how he would like to own  a horse when we have the land.

We will be taking a break until the spring time. It is just too cold to ride when there is no heat, plus we will be busy at home.

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  1. Sad to see a good time end. Boys look very accomplished on their horses. Wonderful activity and I am sure many good lessons learned. Love, XXXOOO


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