decorating the tree

The boys took it upon themselves to decorate the tree yesterday while I was lying down. I was not feeling great. They helped Harkin put a few of the non- breakable ones on and he was just so excited. As are the boys. They also took all of the pictures of one another. So backsides it is. 

But the tree came out great and it is always fun to see the ornaments. We try to add some homemade ones every year and then they each receive one as a present each year so when they move out they will have their very own collection. I had started with Hallmarks but have since moved onto Danforth Pewters being that we are living in Vermont and they are made here.  Plus I think they are nicer.

All day today Harkin would go over and admire the ornaments and take a few off so he could put them back on on again. He is such a funny little kid. Right now the big boys are so excited for Harkin to celebrate Christmas. They think he is really going to get into the whole present thing, which I am sure they are correct.


  1. Gosh the boys are getting so big, William and Landon look so grown up. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Well done, boys! The tree looks great! xo

  3. What a fantastic job they all did. Tree is beautiful and the boys more handsome and charming every day. XXXOOO


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