a date

Eric and I went out on a date a few weeks ago. The first time we had been out alone since Harkin has been born. Harkin is very fond of one of my friends so he was totally fine to stay home with her and of course his two brothers were there to help.

Eric and I had a slow meal. Two hours of uninterrupted conversation. It felt kids strange at first but so what we needed. With the new baby coming and Eric's work schedule lately, things have been a bit hectic around here. A wonderful evening of good food and the best company ever!


  1. How wonderful! Always nice to get a little bit of alone time and enjoy uninterrupted adult conversation :) And funnily enough Justin and I had a little afternoon date this today, our first one in a very long time. It was lovely, and just what we both needed.

  2. So glad for you both. Life gets very busy and time alone is so good for everyone, kids included. Plan something like this when we are visiting. You know "the fun begins" for the boys when you go out. XXXOOO


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