a visit to the dentist

All the boys had dentist appointments last week. This was Harkin's very first time. He was excited but at the same time a little nervous. He did great with the dental hygienist. Opened wide and let her clean all of his teeth. When the actual dentist came to have a look, he did not want to open his mouth. Not sure why as our dentist is very nice, but he said it was fine and the next time he would have a look. Harkin got to pick out a prize and was very thrilled to have a new toothbrush and flossing sticks. When we got home that night he was sure to remind me to brush and floss. We had always done it but for some reason it was more exciting this time. I think the flossing sticks made it cooler.
The best part was that two days later he got a letter in the mail from his hygienist saying what a good job he did and his picture on it with his teeth. He thought this was just super. A great first experience at the dentist!!

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  1. Brusha brusha brusha. What a great job you are doing in taking care of the family. Thank you. Love, XXXOOO


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