I am now the mom of a teenager. Yikes! I have an amazing young man living under our roof.

We had an awesome day at the golf course. William and Landon had a great time golfing while Harkin and Issabelle thought the golf cart was super cool. Every once in awhile Harkin would want to hit a few balls but otherwise was content to just hang out and play in the cart or on the grass.

The country club was great to let us all go out on the course and it was pretty mellow which made it much less stressful. The weather was perfect. Just the right amount of temperature to let us last all day long.

When finished we came home to make a yummy dinner of burgers and fries.Then Will went with a different cake this year. The coconut one which we all love so much.

Such a passionate reader, my sweet William loves to be with his family and makes this mama proud in all that you do. We love you always.


  1. Happy Birthday! Such a handsome young man!!

  2. Happy Birthday to our oldest grandchild. May you have a blessed and glorious life. The pictures are great and everyone's form playing gold is to be admired. Way to go gang! Teenagers are as much fun as toddlers. Just as cute to watch, meltdowns not so much but both are trying out new and exciting ways. Love to all, Grammy & Grampy XXXOOO


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