the lawn mower

When spring arrived and the lawns began getting mowed, including ours, Harkin was so very interested in the lawnmowers, Whenever he saw one he would shout out with joy.

Then a few weeks ago at his best friends house, he saw a lawn mower just his size. How ecstatic was he. He kept asking every day if he could have one of those.

After looking around and finally finding one online. (We don't have lots of stores near us.)  It arrived. He was super excited. Issabelle was as well.

We took it right out to the lawn and whenever he discovered it blew bubbles, well that was just awesome. He mowed the lawn for over two hours. Thankfully we had a wooded roller toy in he attic for Izzy.

Now they mow the lawn together and have such a great time.

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  1. We are in need of our lawn being mowed. Grampy would be delighted with the help. They look so cute and determined. Love to all, XXXOOO


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