passport to the library

The Vermont libraries are hosting a challenge this summer to see how many libraries you can visit. This is so up our alley. I had always wanted to do this in CT. Now we can try to do it here, the only problem being that Vermont is so big we may not make it to all the ones down south. But we will try our best.

We get a book (passport) and at each library we get a stamp for visiting. We would love to be able to check books out of each library we visit but that is not always possible, so we spend some time looking at books and reading for a bit.

Harkin was doing some writing this day and as you can see Issabelle was interested to see what she can find on the computer. Always busy this one.

We will have fun with this and try to catch some programs that the libraries host along the way.

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  1. What a fabulous idea. Enjoy! Issabelle would you look up some things for me? XXXOOO


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