hot summer fun

The weekend was super hot and sticky. We cooled off with a dip in the pool and an awesome water balloon fight with Daddy. After they had gotten daddy several times, he launched them in the air and the boys would try to catch them. They were so happy when the balloons did not break because then they could run up to daddy and get him wet again. Everyone had such a good time.

I did not get wet since I had my camera strapped around me. Good one, huh?

1 comment:

  1. All of the children are just too cute. Only wish we were there to join in the fun. The sheer abandon on Harkin's face is a delight to see. Issabelle looks good enough to eat. William is so tall and handsome. Landon is all in. And Eric looks as if the children are winning! Love the pictures. XXXOOO


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