feels like summer

The past two days we have been busy, busy, having fun.
We had a birthday party to go to.

We have to get one of these!
It's a huge bubble maker. The boys had such a great time with it. The bubbles were so cool to watch!

Cooling off in our little backyard pool.
Homemade popsicles!
This was William's recipe. Strawberries, bananas, apple juice and a spoonful of honey to make it sweet.

Daddy at the grill, with Gritty waiting, wishing for a little drop of something.

A nice weekend to start the summer.


  1. The pospsicle recipe looks yummy !

  2. I agree with Julie, we are going to start making them this year as well. Edie's got nothin' on us...

  3. Grammy has a bubble wand like that somewhere, let me look for it. Love the popsicles. Brings back delightful memories. Don't the boys look wonderful?!! I can almost hear them. XXXOOO


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